Zoom Class Action Settlement

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In a class action settlement, Zoom has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by users who say the company violated their privacy. This includes misrepresenting their end-to-end encryption services and not taking appropriate steps to stop users from “Zoom bombing” meetings. After the lawsuit was filed, Zoom decided to settle the case out of court, but the company has resisted admitting liability. The company does not accept liability for the claims brought against it, but it still faces multiple securities-fraud claims.

The amount of the Zoom settlement is based on the number of members, and the amount will likely decrease if fewer users file claims. The lawsuit has a deadline of March 5, 2022, and it is not clear how many claims are filed. In any event, you must file a claim by then or risk being left out. If you do qualify, you can mail in a completed claim form or file a claim online.

If you’re a subscriber to Zoom Meetings, you may be eligible for a settlement worth up to $25. This is fifteen percent of the cost of the core subscription. However, you must have bought Zoom Meetings between March 30, 2016, and July 30, 2021. It’s worth noting that the timeframe includes any downloaded or opened apps during that time period. If you purchased the service during this timeframe, you’ll likely qualify for a $15 settlement.

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