Types of White Potatoes

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There are various types of white potatoes, round and long. Most of these are round in shape and have thin skin, which makes them great for boiling, frying, and baking. Some are even used for potato salads. The most common type of white potato is the round potato, which is round and has a light tan skin. They are also suitable for baking, frying, and boiling, and have a medium-low starch content.

Red potatoes, on the other hand, have rosy skin and white flesh. They are commonly called Pontiacs or Norlands and are grown in several regions. The main growing region of red potatoes is the Red River Valley in North Dakota and upper Wisconsin. Both types are equally suitable for cooking, although they are a bit less fancy than the others. They are also great for mashed potatoes, baking, and curry dishes.

Sweet potatoes and white potatoes can be difficult to tell apart from each other by appearance alone. While the flesh and skin of white potatoes are similar, the flowers are different. Sweet potatoes tend to be more reddish-purple in color, while white-skinned tubers are largely white in color. White-skinned tubers are more nutritious than reddish-skinned ones, and the skin of the latter tends to be less crisp and dry. If you have difficulty distinguishing between the two, it’s best to bake one and taste it.

White potatoes are versatile and are widely available. They grow best in sandy loam soil and can be eaten fresh or cooked. You can also grow them in raised beds. To improve the soil quality, add manure and compost in early spring. And remember, when buying potatoes, always cut them with two eyes. This way, you can check the white potato’s quality and safety. poivroni white potatoes

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