Tips to Get a Tech Job in Another Country

While applying for a job in another country is easy, there are some important tips that you must remember to land a good one. While applying in your home country, you should not limit yourself to classified ads or job websites. Statistics show that only 10 to 20 percent of jobs are published in such places. Therefore, you must focus on networking events and word-of-mouth for getting your dream job. Social media, for example, can be a valuable source of information and networking opportunities.

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While aiming to find a good tech job abroad, it’s important to research the country you’re applying to. Find out about the cost of living, the local education system, and the employment laws. Make sure to localize your resume. If possible, try asking people you know who have lived in other countries or have connections in other companies. If you’re not fluent in the language, consider enrolling in a language course.

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Before leaving your home, check out the country’s economy. Obviously, the pay scales will differ, but you should still plan ahead. Generally speaking, jobs in the service sector are easier to find than in the tech industry, so you may want to consider working in the service sector. As for the country’s economic climate, you may be better off in Greece than in China, where salaries are lower.

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