Small Business Ideas That Will Thrive Long Into the Future

Small businesses employ millions of people around the world and drive the economies of their respective areas. However, not all small business ideas are adaptable. The COVID pandemic created a noticeable shift in our lives. To combat this situation, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recommends some of the best small business ideas that can still thrive well into the future. For example, the housing market is expected to grow in 2020 to its highest level since 2005. As a result, more people may need home repair services.

While liberal arts degrees are helpful in developing critical thinkers, they don’t teach many marketable skills. This is where filling in the skills gap comes in. A low-cost small business idea is to teach courses to fill in the skills of potential clients. Some popular topics include QuickBooks accounting software, WordPress web development, graphic design, writing resumes, and more. Aside from the business opportunity itself, these courses will also teach individuals how to run a small business.

Another profitable small business idea is car detailing. If you have knowledge of car maintenance, you can start your own business providing car detailing to high-end clients. The most important requirement is a vehicle, a decent internet connection, and some time. A handyman service can be expanded with the help of guerilla marketing. You can also stick business cards and brochures on luxury vehicles. BusinessTown.com offers free courses to learn how to run a business.

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