Elementor Maintenance Mode

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If you need to temporarily shut down your website, you can use the Elementor maintenance mode. By default, the page will display an HTTP 503 error message that tells search engines to check back soon. You can also choose to send a coming soon page in lieu of the maintenance mode if you want to keep your site visible to search engines. In addition, you can set different roles for coming soon and maintenance modes. For example, if you’re a pro user, you can also include a login form in the maintenance mode.

Once you have the maintenance mode enabled, you can customize the template to add content. There are several pre-designed templates for maintenance mode that you can import into your website. These are labeled “Coming Soon” pages. You can also customize them by dragging and dropping blocks or sections. The template will automatically update when a feature is released. You can also add optin popups or boxes on maintenance mode pages. To use the maintenance mode templates, you must have the premium version of Elementor.

In the future, Elementor will discontinue pre-built maintenance mode templates. The new templates will be added to the Elementor Template Library shortly. In the meantime, you can create your own maintenance mode template to avoid the inconvenience of navigating through the Template Library and having to disable maintenance mode. The maintenance mode template can be created in a matter of seconds. To avoid the inconvenience of navigating to the maintenance mode page, you must select “Logged In” “Custom” or “All User Roles” in the Elementor Settings menu.

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