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Stubby holders have become a staple in family barbecues or any sporting events. These holders prevent condensation by insulating the beverage from external heat. You can get them in a wide variety ranging from a deluxe stubby holder for beer cans to a skinny stubby holder for your cruisers. So, if you are wondering about getting your hands on this item to make your life easier, you must dive straight into some amazing details mentioned below.

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What Is a Stubby Holder Made of?

Stubby holders are bottle-shaped containers with insulated liners to keep the beverage cold. These holders are made from steel or neoprene that keeps your hands cool and insulates the beverage. You may even get a stubby holder with a lid that keeps the drink cold much longer, and most of them are washable and reusable.

How Do Stubby Holders Do?

Stubby holders provide the most effective solution to beverage preservation. These can keep the beverage fresh and at the right temperature. Moreover, you can get stubby holders in varying shapes and sizes to hold different kinds of drinks. If you want to drink wine, you get a long-neck stubby holder. You can use a skinny stubby holder if you want some mainstream American beers or Vodka Cruiser.

So, you either get them in plastic or metal. Plastic holders are inexpensive, while metal holders are expensive, sturdy and look better than plastic ones.

Why Are They Popular?

The reasons why they have gained so much popularity over the years are:


Stubby holders are lightweight and practical that suit all weather conditions. Their simple and modern design makes it an ideal choice for gifts for various occasions like birthdays, celebrating milestones, bucks and hens nights and other memorable events. People also use these holders as promotional products in corporate events and business meetings.

Easy Identification

When you use it, you can easily identify which drink belongs to whom. This way, you don’t accidentally sip on others’ drinks. Also, it can be quite helpful in a post-pandemic situation when you still need to be cautious about health and hygiene. 


Accidents may happen anytime, and breaking a beer bottle can create quite a mess. Plus, there is the hassle of cleaning the mess. But with stubby holders, you don’t need to worry about such situations.

What Are the Other Ways of Using Them?

Stubby holders are primarily used for keeping the drinks cold. However, people have invented some innovative ways to use them. These holders are often found on one’s desk to hold stamps, keys, pencils, and pens. You may also find it purposeful for storing your shaving cream, toothbrush and toothpaste. But most commonly, people use stubby holders to keep a bottle or can cool in the cup holder of a truck or car.

How Should You Take Care of Your Stubby Holders?

You should not put stubby holders in your dishwasher. These are low maintenance, and simple handwashing is enough to keep them clean. So, use a microfiber cloth for your stainless-steel stubby cooler. You don’t need any chemical cleaners or scrubbing to clean them. And for the neoprene holders, you just need to wipe them. But if they are heavily stained, you can soak them overnight.

You can keep your beverage’s coldness, hotness, colour and aroma intact by using a humble stubby holder. They are versatile, and you can personalise them any way you like. With printing, colours and design options available, they can also be great for your business promotions and branding.

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